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Taking this medicine with other drugs that make you lightheaded or reduced your blood pressure can aggravate these results. Ask your medical professional before taking Aldactone with a narcotic discomfort medicine, muscular tissue relaxer, or medication for anxiousness or seizures.

Other medicines could interact with spironolactone, including prescribed as well as over the counter medications, vitamins, and organic items. Tell each of your healthcare companies about all medications you utilize now and also any type of medicine you begin or quit making use of.

Note: This web page includes info regarding the side results of spironolactone. Several of the dose forms included on this file may not apply to the trademark name Aldactone.

Not all negative side effects for Aldactone may be stated. You need to consistently speak with a doctor or medical care expert for clinical suggestions. Side impacts could be stated to the FDA right here.

In addition to its required effects, some undesirable impacts could be created by spironolactone (the energetic element included in Aldactone). In case any one of these negative effects do take place, they could need medical interest.

Several of the negative effects that could happen with spironolactone might not need clinical interest. As your physical body adapts to the medication during therapy these negative side effects may vanish. Your medical expert might also be able to inform you concerning ways to minimize or protect against a few of these side results. If any one of the adhering to adverse effects continue, are annoying or if you have any type of inquiries concerning them, contact your healthcare specialist.

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